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Sparkling Eyes with Notes from Jhon Kwano

Sparkling Eyes with Notes from Jhon Kwano

It has long been said: "The eyes are the windows to the soul". It's a very poetic and metaphysical saying, and I always wondered what it really meant. Part of my personal difficulty was: what is the soul…
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Krienna Reni with a cup of clean drinking water with children of Lanvitvit village. Photo:VRCS Fern Napwatt

Water is an essential part of a Mother and Child’s life

Krieanna Reni, is a mother who has walked some distances to fetch water in the village of Lanvitvit, Aulua area South east of Malekula. Ms Reni is a class 6 leaver and has children who she claimed were her…
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Tanah adat masyarakat adat Moi: Bukan untuk perkebunan kelapa sawit

Oleh J. Septer Manufandu Tanah bagi suku Moi Sebagai Pusat Kehidupan dan Pengetahuan Suku bangsa Moi mendiami Tanah Malamoi di Kabupaten dan Kota Sorong, Raja Ampat, Tambrauw dan sebagian Sorong Selatan. Masyarakat hukum adat Moi dikelompokkan menjadi 8…