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Hello world! This is SAPA, The Papua’s Friends of the Nature

Please do not be confused with the FoE based in England. SAPA is a local foundation based in West Papua (Papua and Papua Barat Provinces of Indonesia).

Our name is The Papua Friends of the Nature, and not Friends of the Natute of Papuhea. We are not just the friends of any nature but we are just the friends of the nature of Papua, the Isle of New Guinea.

Our main goal is to maintain the Isle of New Guinea as habitable as possible and to leave thnis island as a habitable inheritance to our future generations.

“Sapa” in Indonesia language means “greet”. For example, “Sapa teman saya” means “greet a friend of mine”. Sapa tamu, “meaning greet the guests”

We are starting to greet the nature, because so far the nature is seen as resources to explore and then to exploit. Wee have exploited the nature so badly, and today, the nature is enforcing its own laws. This is what we humans call natural disaster. No, it is not natural disaster. It is the enforcement of the law of the nature, in balancing back the imbalances we have created in search for wealth and prosperity.

We are showing respect, we recognise and the existence of the other communities of beings, by “greeting” it. That is why we call this foundation “Sapa”, a short for Sahabat Alam and Papua.

We know that the nature will “greet back” to us human beings. This is what we call interaction. This interaction will then create and constructive communication, and the outcome of the communications will be the actions by human beings according to the laws of the nature.

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