About Us


The nature is Us or We are the Nature, means we human beings are not and cannot separate ourselves from the nature, because we are parts of and we form the nature. We “are” the nature.

But we are not alone, we have fellow communities of beings that come together as fellow beings that form and are “the nature”.

This is why all of us tribal peoples in the world never see trees, dogs, and water or mountains and air as separate objects for us to explore and exploit. Yes, modern religions do teach human superiority as created beings, but tribal peoples see ourselves as equal, inter-related and inter-dependent.


Vision of this blog

Human community have a clear knowledge and understanding pertaining to human beings in relation to other communities of beings and the nature as one, inter-connected and inter-dependent.

And human beings understand that almost all problems that we face today are caused by human own paradigm and mindset of separation of human beings from other beings, and denial of human beings from the nature itself.


We s the the Nature or TheNature.Us envisions a world in which all communities of beings live based  human acknowledgement and respect of other communities of beings as fellow human beings, and of human beings as part of the communities of beings that form the “nature”. Our work is focused on conserving the spiritual capitals and/ or sacred (beliefs, rituals, objects, sites).that have contribution to and sustain life and afterlife.


Slogan: Follow the Laws of the Nature

It means, we are natural beings, we are one of the natural communities of beings, who partly form and live according to the jurisprudence of the nature. Therefore, following the laws of the nature is our human natural way of life, because otherwise the nature maintains her laws. That is why modern human beings today need to re-learn to obey these laws in order to leave this planet earth a habitable planet and in order to have sustainable living today.

When human beings break the law of the nature, then the nature will automatically and organically uphold the supremacy of the laws of the natural by “checking” and “balancing” the interrelations and interconnections among the communities  beings.

(Slogan: Di Belakang Hukum Alam

Artinya, kami adalah pengikut dari hukum alam, alam memiliki dan mempertahankan hukum-hukumnya, makhluk manusia membelajari dan menaati hukum-hukum dimaksud

Bilamana makhluk manusia melanggar hukum alam dimaksud, maka alam itu sendiri secara otomatis dan organik akan menegakkan supremasi hukum dari hukum alam dengan melakukan “pengecekan” dan “penyeimbangan” dan interkasi dengan makhluk lainnya)

Vision (Visi)

All Communities of Beings in the Isle of New Guinea to continue live in a joyful simple life.

(Segenap Komunitas Makhluk di Pulau New Guinea hidup dalam kesederhanaan yang penuh sukacita)

Mission (Misi)

To harmonize our interactions with all communities of beings in the Isle of New Guinea.

We aim to educate us human beings about the impact of simple day to day lifestyle that tribal peoples in New Guinea have inherited that helped protected habitable and sustainable Isle of New Guinea, so that our human community in the world can learn and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle that we call live according to or follow the laws of the nature.

(Mengharmonisasi interaksi kami dengan segenap komunitas makhluk di Pulau New Guinea)