New Guinea Nature Healing Touch

We Belive “Nature is the Healer!”

"Libongga" it is called in Lani Language of West Papua. This leaf has been commonly used by the highlands tribe in New Guinea to neutralize fat and cholesterol in the body.

All highlanders of New Guinea mainly eat pork, but most of the people do not suffer from cholesterol or other fat-related diseases.

We traditionally use this leaf to naturally neutralize the effect of the fat.

Commonly called in Lani Language as "Tawy", in Malay as "Buah Merah", in Tok Pisin (Melanesia) as Morita, this fruit has been proven useful for neutralizing various deadly diseases.

There is a need to conduct in depth research but we cannot wait until everything is perfect when we can do something with this organic, natural fruit food.

Well, we do not call it fruit, neither we call it "herb", but we call it food.

Out of curiosity of one scientist at Cenderawasih University in West Papua that brought about revelations that "Tawy" has many beneficial elements that can potentially cure many deadly modern diseases.

Many people call it "Daun Gatal" in Malay, and "itchy leaf" in English. But we people in New Guinea do not call it that way.

Yes it is titchy when you touch it, but what it does open airflow in the body so that energy can flow though the parts we apply the leaf.

With very tiny "thorn", it goes into the body, warms up the body and thus, draws the energy to flow.

This New Guinea "Nggame" (or Bad Spirit Neutralizer has been commonly used by all people on the Island. The main purpose is to get rid of bad spirits from the environment and particularly from the body.

As you know, Melanesian spirituality and Melanesian physicality are inseparable. What is spiritual is also physical at the same time at the same spot. This is why "Nggame" has been useful to get rid of any bad spirit.

Melaensians do not believe in killing the spirits, but we are aware and we do practice organizing and managing the spirits, from black to white, from white to black, from "enemies" into "allies". And Nggame can help in this without needing any mantra, knowledge, intention, at all.